2019 Parents’ Choice Award for Sing With Me

.... and that makes FIVE! Sing With Me has just won it's fifth award, a gold award from Parents' Choice Foundation. Parents' Choice had this to say about the album "[Tracy] Newman’s supple folk soprano, a cadre of child singers, and top-notch musicians reflect the series’ [...]

2019 National Parenting Products Award NAPPA for Sing With Me

Sing With Me wins another award! This time from National Parenting Product Awards - NAPPA 🙌🎉🎶 “Music can ignite imagination in profound ways, especially for young children,” says NAPPA Awards Director Elena Epstein. “That’s why we love Tracy Newman’s latest collection of whimsical tunes – vibrant, fun [...]

All Three CDs Win Mom’s Choice Gold Award!

Team RAH and Tracy Newman are celebrating! Run Along Home has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services by the Mom's Choice Awards®. As a prestigious Gold Recipient, we can announce that not one, not two, but all three RAH albums are [...]

2019 Tillywig Award for Sing With Me

The fifteen songs on singer-songwriter Tracy Newman's stellar Sing With Me CD have the relaxed, playful feel of a gorgeous spring day on which nothing needs doing other than savoring each moment as it unfolds. The album opens with 'I Like to Walk My Dinosaur,' [...]

2019 Creative Child Award for Sing With Me

You've heard it here first, folks! It's official that Sing With Me has received the Creative Child (@creativechildmag) CD of the Year Award!! "Tracy Newman's latest CD has songs to sing along with, bouncy tunes to dance to, songs about food, dinosaurs, trains, walking for [...]

2018 Parents’ Choice Award for Shoebox Town

“The mayor of Shoebox Town, Tracy Newman, lends her

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Sept. 2018 Midwest Book Review

“Newman’s down-to-earth guitar playing and engaging vocals infuse these beloved songs with vibrant joy. Shoebox Town is an excellent gift for families, and highly recommended for school and public library children’s music collections.”

2018 NAPPA Award for Shoebox Town

“What will you find in Shoebox Town? There will be a “little bitty fish (in a) little bitty pond,” a “zilli billionaire,” and “a sticky little lollipop (and) a little kitten curled up in daddy’s shoes.” It also has old-fashioned amusements like a “magic penny” and a merry carousel down by a pier. Tracy Newman’s follow-up to her equally excellent I Can Swing Forever reveals her gift for writing songs filled with a kid-like sense of wonder and whimsy that are dusted lightly with some gentle messages too. On the title track, for example, she lovingly sings about making her “Shoebox Town,” complete with a cereal bowl pool, while also portraying the brother as being helpful (and not destructive) to his sister’s creation. Newman makes Shoebox Town a great place to visit.

2018 Tillywig Award for Shoebox Town

The remarkable appeal of Tracy Newman’s album, ‘Shoebox Town,’ stems in part from the way in which its songs so adeptly convey the magic with which youngsters experience the world. Catchy lyrics, rich harmonies, and carefully crafted melodies seamlessly serve up a variety of joyful moods and themes related to childhood.